Tuhi Stationery

Māori inspired & designed stationery in te Reo Māori, te reo English and Samoan. We also hold community & corporate workshops on planning strategy and maramataka.

About Tuhi Stationery

“Tuhi” are two wāhine who have a passion for “old school” writing, putting pen to paper to both express our thoughts and remind ourselves of the million and one things we need to get done in any given day, week, month and year!

We love our smartphone apps, but we also love to write. And as wāhine who have bought a swag of diaries, journals, planners and notebooks every year, for years, we have struggled to find something that resonated with us. A planner that did not just have some words in Te Reo Māori, but something that truly spoke to us. A planner that recognised our world views and aspirations, and that carried the inspiration of other wāhine Māori.

So, instead of wishing and waiting for some smart designers to develop something we would love, we have decided to create a small, but amazing, range of planners and journals ourselves! As we think of the direction, both personally and professionally, for our daughters, nieces and whānau, we want them to use something daily that is placed within our own paradigm, that reminds them of our rich history and achievements, and supports their future aspirations.

Yep, we don’t want much!

“ We love finding out what makes businesses tick, why they are doing what they are doing, and giving our clients clarity and the knowing that they have support when they are in overwhelm. ”