Mahu Skin

MAHU: To be healed. “Ka pania ki te rongoā i tētahi wāhi ka mahu” “The ointment was applied on one place and it healed”

About Mahu Skin

Mahu, a New Zealand-based company was founded in 2010 by Nita Maaka after she began investigating the possibilities of going back to nature to create a cream to aid in skin repair and healing.

Nita believed in going back to basics with essential oils, knowing that the concentrated nutrients from plants can have a thousand times the healing power of the original plant it came from, made simple sense.

This realisation was the start of Mahu.

The natural ingredients used in the initial blend of Mahu cream meant the formula was suitable for application on any living organism, which opened the doors to multiple avenues for related products.

Since then Mahu has branched out into providing specifically tailored products for people (Mahu Skin), Pets (Mahu Pet) and horses (Mahu Equine) at the request of trainers and breeders within the Equine industry.

The combination of natural ingredients Mahu uses has been proven time and time again to aid skin quickly and efficiently.

“Our Mahu Skin range gives your skin the care it needs. Our natural ingredients are known to soothe, repair damage and calm skin inflammation. To nourish and heal your skin, use our Mahu Skin natural products daily.”