The freedom to walk multiple children

About KinderPod

Our customers immediately identify with a KinderPod stroller.

A KinderPod customer loves and enjoys caring for young tamariki and their well being.

A KinderPod customer needs the freedom to go out for a walk with multiple children and to connect their young learners easily and safely with their local community and surroundings.

KinderPod customers appreciate walking is healthy, educational and beneficial for the development of young children.

One of our customer’s, who is a home based childcare provider and owns a KinderPod said it is a “game changer”.

A parent of two disabled children saying a KinderPod stroller is “life changing” after finally being able to walk her three children without her husband to help.

“KinderPod strollers adapt and change according to how many children and the age of the children are needing to be walked on any given day.”